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MeetingWeb 2.0 Online Meeting Features

Power, simplicity, flexibility to get and keep participants involved

  • Personal meeting views and status settings keep users focused.
    • Context, date, search, single topic and custom export view options.
    • Status settings to indicate new, recent, found, modified, and unapproved, comments. New user-settable persistent comment settings for those needing review.
    • Export options tied to status and meeting display settings.
    • Expand and collapse topics.

  • Instant e-mail notification of meeting activity.
    • Users can turn it on and off for themselves.
    • Moderators can turn it on or off for groups or individuals.

  • Simple entering of multiple and mixed data types.
    • Directly post or attach text, graphics, and HTML formatted files.
    • Attach any file to a meeting web comment. (If MeetingWeb cannot translate and display the file format when a user clicks on the file link, an automatic file download is offered.)

  • The clearest interface and best help in the business.
    • Designed for readablility on multiple devices.
    • Standard English commands.
    • Direct links to context-specific help at bottom of every form.
    • Built-in Five-Minute Guide and Interactive User Manual.
    • Simple, intuitive notions and attention to detail underlie the MeetingWeb model setting it apart from commerical bloatware and limited newsgroups.

Meeting management options:
As much or as little control as the situation dictates

  • Privacy and accessibility: simple meeting-by-meeting control.
    • Password-protected meeting access
    • Moderator-controlled access for users and groups.
    • Instantly assign and remove moderating, posting or read-only access priviledges.
  • Instantly create meetings.
    • Meeting Administrator access to simple web-form for creating meetings and submeetings.
    • Moderator set group e-mail notification option to keep users involved.
  • Flexible posting control: Change the level whenever you need to.
    • Standard moderation or no moderation.
    • Restrict topic creation to moderator(s.)
    • Screen comments before they are posted in special moderator-view of meeting. (Click the Approve button to make public,the Delete Button to remove. Built-in e-mail to a comment's author. (No separate e-mail program required.)
  • Flexible meeting-by-meeting set up.
    • Add and remove other moderators and users.
    • Set the meeting's descriptive name.
    • Insert external links in page headers.
    • Define and edit a keyword list.
  • On-the-fly restructuring and editing of meeting content.
    • Reorder topics.
    • Move and copy meeting comments within and among meetings.
    • Edit comment titles and summaries.

  • Check out the MeetingWeb Moderator's Guide for details.

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Portable and Affordable:
Across enterprises, time, space, and limited bandwidth
  • All you need to pack is your password.
    • No proprietary client software to buy.
  • No jargon. No hype. No training required.
    • If you can use a web browser, you know more than is required to use MeetingWeb.
    • The "5-minute Guide" from the Online Help Desk is available for those who prefer to begin with instructions.
  • No hidden costs.
    • Never a per seat fee.
    • Subscribe to a MeetingWeb service or run MeetingWeb software on your server, our server, or both.
    • No required upgrade cycles.
    • Runs on reliable, standard off-the shelf PC servers and open source systems with the highest reliability on the Net.
    • Support hundreds of users and meetings on a single processor, Pentium level PC server.
    • You're never locked into a single vendor or delivery model.


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