No Required Training
No Waiting and No Hidden Costs

If you or your users need to talk to a real person, we're here to respond intelligently and sympathetically to your calls.

Need to get your group online today?
You can order a set of meetings running on our servers and have them up and running the same day. Transfer or replicate your meetings to own server at any time.

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The MeetingWeb 5-minute guide
Most of our users find it unnecessary to read the explanations in our online help desk to get started; nevertheless, we take care to make every explanation and instruction simple, precise and efficient.

Integrated online help where you need it
MeetingWeb lets your team members contribute to a searchable online meeting within minutes. You don't have to leave a posting, an editing or a moderation page to get help. It's built-in.

No jargon
Clear, succinct English* instructions and explanations. If you can use the American Heritage Dictionary without a tutor, you can use MeetingWeb products without training. Check out our vocabulary page and see for yourself. (*MeetingWeb's interface and help files can be customized for other languages.)

If an instruction or MeetingWeb feature is not clear, simple to locate, and efficient, we'll fix it.

No back-breaking documentation
A prominent "groupware" product ships with a "few pounds" of documentation and recommends training sessions that average $2000 per day. With such products, the cost of the software is a fraction of the cost of getting it to work.

MeetingWeb Moderators are up and running within minutes

Check out the Moderator's Guide for details.

Want to try moderating?
Just register in the CitySource Inc. Office, using your real name. Send us an e-mail listing your organization's name, a contact person, work address and phone number and how you might use MeetingWeb in your organization and we'll give you temporary moderator access in our demo moderators' meeting. If your organization qualifies, we'll give you a trial meeting on a CitySource server for your workgroup to test.

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